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. Command-Tab in macOS. But LeftControl-Tab still retains its normal behavior,. such as switching tabs in Chrome or another web browser. Normally, AutoHotkey uses the following shorthands for modifier keys. = Alt. ^ = Control. + = Shift. # = Windows. So, ^q is the same as pressing Control-Q. However, since we remapped the Alt. Sep 25, 2021 Use (most) macOS style keyboard shortcuts on Windows Make Windows PC's shortcut act like macOS (Mac OS X) With this AutoHotKey script, you can use most macOS style shortcuts (eg, cmd+c, cmd+v.) on Windows with a standard PC keyboard.

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This question has been asked before but with no answer. I’m running into brick walls with google too. Program can either be free or paid.


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Solution no. 1:

Keymando – $19, 30-day free trial. Uses Ruby as its scripting language.

IronAHK will run AHK scripts, but for its GUI it requires X11.app. I don’t believe it can automate regular Mac apps.

Solution no. 2:

What is is you’re trying to do?

IronAHK should work on a Mac – I’m not a Mac user so I’ve not tried it, but that would be my first choice for trying to get AutoHotkey scripts working.

alternativeTo.net lists a few Mac OS alternatives to AutoHotkey. The top result there is Project SIKULI which looks pretty similar to AHK in terms of features but with a different scripting language.

Autohotkey mac shortcutsAutohotkey Macos

Solution no. 3:

Quicksilver can be a partial solution for some functionality of autohotkey: it has shortcut key/trigger defining capabilities. For text expansion, mas os has text expansion built in.

On the other hand, applescript/automator is the mac os native solution for some automation tasks.

Solution no. 4:

Take a look at Butler. Free to try, $20 to buy.

I haven’t yet found an open source tool for Mac like AHK.

Solution no. 5:

I currently use KeyRemap4MacBook which is greati for key mappings, including chords of keys. It doesn’t have a scripting language though. Keyboard Maestro seems a popular option with some scripting support (I have not tried it myself though).

Solution no. 6:

Autohotkey Mac Os Catalina

No one’s mentioned Quicksilver – free utility with tons of plugins for extendability.

Autohotkey Mac Shortcuts

Hope this helps!

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