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Fetch the logs of a container

Docker - Logging, Docker has logging mechanisms in place which can be used to debug issues as and when they occur. There is logging at the daemon level and at the container level.

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VPC flow logs for network monitoring, forensics, and security. All hybrid runtime images are publicly available for download from the Google Docker Hub. Docker Packs 1 The Docker Pack provides enhanced visibility into Docker container logs with saved queries, real-time alerting and visualizations. Docker Pack The Docker Pack provides out-of-the-box.

Extended description

The docker logs command batch-retrieves logs present at the time of execution.


Download Docker Logs

This command is only functional for containers that are started with thejson-file or journald logging driver.

Download Docker Logs

For more information about selecting and configuring logging drivers, refer toConfigure logging drivers.

The docker logs --follow command will continue streaming the new output fromthe container’s STDOUT and STDERR.

Passing a negative number or a non-integer to --tail is invalid and thevalue is set to all in that case.

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The docker logs --timestamps command will add an RFC3339Nano timestamp, for example 2014-09-16T06:17:46.000000000Z, to eachlog entry. To ensure that the timestamps are aligned thenano-second part of the timestamp will be padded with zero when necessary.

The docker logs --details command will add on extra attributes, such asenvironment variables and labels, provided to --log-opt when creating thecontainer.

The --since option shows only the container logs generated aftera given date. You can specify the date as an RFC 3339 date, a UNIXtimestamp, or a Go duration string (e.g. 1m30s, 3h). Besides RFC3339 dateformat you may also use RFC3339Nano, 2006-01-02T15:04:05,2006-01-02T15:04:05.999999999, 2006-01-02Z07:00, and 2006-01-02. The localtimezone on the client will be used if you do not provide either a Z or a+-00:00 timezone offset at the end of the timestamp. When providing Unixtimestamps enter seconds[.nanoseconds], where seconds is the number of secondsthat have elapsed since January 1, 1970 (midnight UTC/GMT), not counting leapseconds (aka Unix epoch or Unix time), and the optional .nanoseconds field is afraction of a second no more than nine digits long. You can combine the--since option with either or both of the --follow or --tail options.

For example uses of this command, refer to the examples section below.


Name, shorthandDefaultDescription
--detailsShow extra details provided to logs
--follow , -fFollow log output
--sinceShow logs since timestamp (e.g. 2013-01-02T13:23:37Z) or relative (e.g. 42m for 42 minutes)
--tail , -nallNumber of lines to show from the end of the logs
--timestamps , -tShow timestamps
--untilAPI 1.35+
Show logs before a timestamp (e.g. 2013-01-02T13:23:37Z) or relative (e.g. 42m for 42 minutes)

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Retrieve logs until a specific point in time

In order to retrieve logs before a specific point in time, run:

Parent command

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dockerThe base command for the Docker CLI.

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