Download Icloud Photos To Macbook Pro

  1. How To Download Icloud Photos To Macbook Pro
  2. How To Download Icloud Photos To Macbook Pro
  3. Download Icloud Photos To Macbook Pro
  4. How To Download Icloud Photos To Macbook Pro
  5. Download Photos From Icloud To Macbook Pro
  6. How Do I Download Pictures From Icloud To My Mac

You may want to Download All Photos From iCloud to PC as an additional backup, to clear up storage space in your iCloud Account or for other reasons. You will find below the steps to select and Download All Photos from iCloud to PC.

Oct 12, 2015 Iv tried everything. There are too many pictures and i don't want them on iCloud. My iPhone and mac are the latest and so are the software. MacBook Pro, iPhone 6. In short, the question here is, how to extract and transfer photos from iCloud backup to MacBook Pro? This iPhone 6 user had difficulty in transferring those photos from iCloud to his.

My wife and I each have our own iCloud account. We periodically download (sync) our photos into Photos on the same MacBook Pro. This has worked great for us for a while. However, we would like to take advantage of iCloud, for backup purposes. Also, my wife frequently runs out of space taking pictures/videos of the kids. How to transfer photos from iCloud to Mac? Here in this post, we introduce you four simple ways to transfer photos from iCloud to your iMac or MacBook.

Download ALL Photos From iCloud to PC

As you must have noticed, there is no ‘Download All’ or ‘Select All’ button on iCloud. Also, you won’t be able to use your mouse to select Multiple or All Photos on iCloud.

This can be a problem, if there are thousands of Photos in your iCloud Account and you want to download them all to your Windows computer.

Luckily, there is a keyboard shortcut to select All iCloud Photos and you will find below 2 different methods to Download All Photos from iCloud to your Windows computer.

1. Download All Photos From iCloud to PC Using Keyboard Shortcut

If the number of Photos that you want to download from iCloud to PC is less than 1,000, you can follow this method to select and download up to 999 photos from iCloud to PC.

If you are trying to download over 1,000 photos, you can move to the next method as provided below in this guide.

1. Go to icloud.com on your Windows Computer.

2. Login to your iCloud Account by entering your Apple ID and Password.

3. Once you are signed-in, click on the Photos icon.

4. In iCloud Photos, make sure you are on Photos Tab and click on the First Photo.

5. Press and hold Shift + Ctrl + Alt Keys and press the Down Arrow Key to select All iCloud Photos.

Note: You can also scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Last Photo.

6. Once All Photos are selected, click on the Download icon to begin the process of downloading all iCloud Photos to your computer.


Unless you have changed the default settings, all iCloud Photos will be downloaded to ‘Downloads’ Folder on your computer.

2. Download All Photos From iCloud to PC Using iCloud For Windows

The only way to download more than 1,000 Photos at once from iCloud to PC is to download and install ‘iCloud For Windows’ program on your computer.

How To Download Icloud Photos To Macbook Pro

1. Download iCloud For Windows application on your Computer.

2. Once the download is complete, click on the downloaded iCloud Setup file and follow the onscreen instructions to Install iCloud For Windows on your computer.

3. When prompted, Sign-in to your iCloud Account by entering your Apple ID and Password.

4. On the next screen, select Photos option by clicking in the little box next to Photos.

On the pop-up, select iCloud Photo Library option and click on Done.

Note: You can change iCloud download location by clicking on Change.

5. Click on Apply to begin the process of Syncing all iCloud Photos to the Downloads Folder on your computer.

6. Once all iCloud Photos are downloaded, open the File Explorer on your computer.

7. In the File Explorer window, click on iCloud Photos tab in the left-pane. In the right-pane, click on the Downloads Icon.

8. On the next screen, click on the Downloads Folder to see all your iCloud Photos arranged in different sub-folders.

How To Download Icloud Photos To Macbook Pro

To make a Backup, you can copy the entire Downloads Folder to Desktop, USB drive or any other location on your computer.

Add iCloud to Windows Start Menu or Task Bar

In order to make it easy for you to open iCloud, you can Add iCloud icon to the Taskbar by clicking on the Start button > right-click on iCloud > More > Pin to Taskbar.

Important: If you are planning to disable iCloud Photos, make sure that you copy all the Photos from Downloads to another Folder.

Photos have become one of the important things for people since all mobile phones now are equipped with at least one camera that keep being updated. For safely storing users’ images, Apple provides iPhone and iPad users with the feature of backing up pictures to iCloud. This is helpful in keeping the pictures safe and secure for a long time, as well as saving the device storage.

Download Icloud Photos To Macbook Pro

However, when one needs some of the old iCloud pictures, it can be quite tricky for people to locate their targets among the sea of photo library, especially for those who are new to iPhone or iPad and not know much about iCloud. In this article, you will get the detailed steps to download photos from iCloud to iPhone or iPad regardless of the iPhone/iPad models or iOS versions they’re running on.

Part 1. How to Download Photos from iCloud Backup to iPhone/iPad

Pictures can be easily downloaded from the iCloud backup file to your iPhone/iPad unless you have turned on iCloud Photo Library. But you need to know that this method involving a restoring process that will first erase the existing data on your device , and then automatically restores all data including images from the old backup file. If you want to restore only the photos but not all contents from iCloud backup, you can skip to extract photos only from iCloud backup..

Steps to download Photos from iCloud backup:

  1. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.
  2. Then after process finished, from the page emerged, tap on Restore from iCloud Backup.
  3. Choose the exact backup you need to restore.
  4. Then your restoration process will get processed, and all the old photos will be placed again inside your iPhone.

Part 2. Download Photos from iCloud Photos Stream to iPhone (Recommended)

With the help of the iCloud Photos Stream, it is very simple to transfer all the photos from the iCloud to your iOS device, including those already deleted from your photo library. Of course, this method also has it defects like it only saves the recent 30-day photos taken on iOS device, due to the limitation of My Photo Stream itself. So it won’t be a good try if you want to get the old items. Usually we use the method when we transfer data from an old iOS devices to an new one, including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

You just need WiFi network to transfer those pictures. The process is a bit time consuming and you require patience. Just follow the steps to download photos from iCloud to iPhone or iPad via photos stream:

  • Step 1: Make sure you have signed in with your Apple ID, and then go to Settings > iCloud > Photos.
  • Step 2: Tap on the option Photo Stream from the list of available options if it’s not on (If your photos are still in the old iPhone, then you should do this step at that device).
  • Step 3: After activation, all your photos from iPhone will get uploaded to iCloud which can be synchronized with another iPhone or Mac.

Part 3. How to Download Photos from iCloud Photo Library to iPhone/iPad

You can easily get and transfer the images available in the iPhone Photos App using the iCloud Photo Library function. It is possible to free up a considerable amount of internal storage space by transferring pictures and videos to the Apple cloud service so to only leave small thumbnails on iPhone (the new and powerful ‘Optimise iPhone Storage’ option). iCloud service allows you to keep all your photos safe and can be transferred to your iPhone back whenever needed as long as the device is connected to network. You can find all the steps required to quickly download images and videos from iCloud Photo Library to your iPhone listed below. This step involves downloading the pictures from the iCloud photo library to iPhone’s camera roll.

  • Step 1: The iCloud Photo Library should be activated from Settings > iCloud > Photos if you want to use this method.
  • Step 2: If you chose ‘Optismise iPhone Storage’ before, then now you need to tap on Download and keep Originals to get all your photos back to iPhone.
  • Step 3: Then open the Photos app and keep your iPhone network connection stable untill the downloading process finished.

Part 4: Transfer Photos Only from iCloud Backup to PC

How To Download Icloud Photos To Macbook Pro

We have mentioned the photo downloading method from iCloud backup in the part 1. Although it’s undeniable that the method is useful in many cases, its defect also quiet annoying for its turn to factory resetting. To fix this issue, here we recommend you to use another valid way to only and efficiently extract photos from your iCloud backup, avoid any wiping or damage to your current iPhone data.

This method involves Jihosoft iPhone Data Recovery, a poweful data recovery software built for iOS devices. It can recover important data like photos or messages from your iOS device, along with the ability of viewing and extracting files from your iTunes and iCloud backup. Here we will tell you how to view and extract photos from iCloud backup with this great software.

  1. Click on the Download button above to get Jihosoft iPhone Data Recovery software installed on your Win/Mac PC; then run it.
  2. Don’t connect with your iPhone; instead choose “View iCloud Backup” and sign in with your Apple ID.
  3. Click Start Scan after choosing your iCloud backup, and then view all your photos stored in iCloud backup.
  4. Seleect the photos you want, or expert all photos from iCloud backup to your computer.
Download icloud photos to macbook pro

This software can also be applied to recover lost or deleted photos from iPhone or iPad.


Apple provides iCloud service where you can store photos. It also enables you to synchronize all your data from other devices like Mac. You can easily download photos from iCloud to iPhone using simple techniques explained in this article. All these methods are secure and safe, commonly used by most iPhone users. You can use these methods to download your pictures from iCloud and share your experience or questions in the comments. Please let us know if you found any other method to download photos from iCloud to iPhone.

Download Photos From Icloud To Macbook Pro

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