DropDMG is the easiest way to create and use your own disk image in a Mac environment. Functional utility for creating.dmg,.img,.smi,.sitx,.tar and.zip. If you need to create one of the types of containers, and you don’t want to or don’t know how to do it with the help of Disk Utility and other auxiliary applications, use. DropDMG is an easy way to create Mac OS X disk images. Just drag and drop a folder or file, and DropDMG will create an image in '.dmg. DropDMG 3.5 is a professional application for creating DMG files from the folders and data for backup and sharing over the internet. DropDMG (v3.0.6) is a piece of software that helps you create and work with Mac disk images – Apple’s preferred format for distributing Mac software and the only archive format whose contents. DropDMG 2.0 is now available. DropDMG is the easiest way to create '.dmg' and '.img' disk images on Mac OS X. It can encrypt images and post-process them with GZip, BZip2, or MacBinary. It can create images with rich-text license agreements.

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DropDMG Editor's Review

DropDMG is an utility that provides you with lot of disk image management functionalities. Dropdmg windows
The interface of this application is quite unusable. It has a small drop zone that can be used for the quick creation of the disk images, but the usable part ends here. If you want more functionality, then you need to search for it in the menus.
The disk image creation/conversion engine can do the same job as the freeware equivalent applications do. The 'Preferences' panel allows you to save the configurations, so you can use a specific configuration for any image that you create, depending on the case.
In the menus you can find functionality that's not typical for these kind of applications. You can fix a broken image, get the image info, mount the image with owners, mount the image at a given location, or you can verify the image checksum. DropDMG also provides burning functionality. You can either burn a folder/file or you can burn an existing disk image. DropDMG allows you to convert a graphic file into the .VolumeIcon.icns file.
Pluses: it provides a decent image manipulation functionality, it has burning support, it has advanced mounting features, there's a possibility to preview the file information for your existing images, it can fix the broken images, it can verify the checksum of the images.
DropdmgDrawbacks / flaws: the interface of this application is a little unusable.
In conclusion: if you can get used to the minimal interface of this application, then the rest won't be a problem since the behavior during the tests was flawless. The advanced features and the burning support that can be used for regular burning tasks are also very helpful. If you would like to use other disk image applications, you can also check these: DMGConverter, DMG Designs, DMG Packager, CreaDMG, Chop DMG, FreeDMG, or an archiver with DMG creation capabilities, CleanArchiver.

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version reviewed: 2.8

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