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Folx is a free torrent client specially designed for macOS and delivers an actual Mac-style interface but is compatible with all platforms. The best thing is this software offers a different system of sorting and keeping the downloaded content. Folx is an excellent download manager for macOS and has nifty features that are missing in many download managers. It also has the best torrent client for mac that can ease the transition of uTorrent ex-users that are looking for an alternative but unwilling to run a full torrent client. Combined this with a great UX and Folx shows the way. The app will scan several torrent trackers, so it makes your quest faster. Folx can remember your login information to sites you often use for downloading torrents. With the built-in search feature and the ability to instantly get a file, the whole process is much simpler. Folx is more private. Powerful Torrent Downloader: Folx is known to provide you with a convenient way of downloading desired torrent files. It is actually one of the most powerful torrent downloaders that you can use for Mac. With the help of this app, you can regulate the speed of your download and upload and download tasks can be prioritized. Folx is a beautifully designed torrent client that centralizes all aspects of torrenting into one app—no more jumping back and forth between programs. It works great on macOS High Sierra, macOS Mojave, macOS Catalina and allows you to create a workflow for the torrent process that Folx will automate for you. Folx helps you take control of.

The settings related to downloading torrents are grouped on the Torrents tab in Preferences. There are three sections there, Network, Peers and .torrent.


NAT-PMP option enables the NAT Port Mapping Protocol, which is a network protocol that allows a computer in a private network (behind a NAT router) to automatically configure the router to allow connections outside the private network. Enable this option if you don’t want to bother with configuring port forwarding manually.

μTP option enables the μTP Protocol which is aimed for faster downloads, as it works via UDP, in which data exchange is faster than via TCP.

UPnP option allows you to automatically find and configure any devices on the local network.

Incoming TCP port sets the port on which Folx will listen for incoming connections. It defaults to 14082 and can be changed if needed (this will require Folx to be restarted).

Note: You may need to open the selected port on your firewall, and if NAT-PMP is disabled, also manually configure port forwarding on your router.

Check Randomize port on launch if you want the listening port to randomly change on every Folx start.

The Stop seeding at ratio option will tell Folx to stop seeding upon reaching the specified ratio. By default, this option is disabled.

Note: When checked, the Stop seeding at ratio option will apply to all torrent tasks in the downloads list (provided that the Global Settings option in the context menu is enabled).
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The Global maximum number of connections and Maximum number of connections per torrent options set the limits on the maximum number of connections that can be open at a given moment, for all active torrents and each torrent separately.

Maximum number of upload slots per torrent limits the number of peers that can connect to you per torrent. Fewer upload slots will make for higher upload rates with each peer. More slots will increase the number of peers and thus your chances of getting all files in a timely fashion. Too many slots, however, may cause some peers to blacklist you because you are uploading to them too slowly.

DHT Network. With this option enabled, Folx will connect not only to peers associated with the tracker you got the torrent file from, but also to other peers on the Internet that are connected to the DHT network. This option enables “trackerless” downloading and facilitates finding peers when the tracker is down.

Local Peer Discovery allows Folx to discover peers on the local network in order to maximize the data exchange rate while minimizing Internet traffic.

Peer Exchange option allows searching for exchange participants (seeds and peers) without directly contacting the tracker.
Encryption – allows encrypting the connections with other peers. You can choose whether you want your connection to be established with encrypted peers or to ignore unencrypted ones. Please note, encryption mode doesn’t make your session secure or anonymous, it’s just a way to avoid traffic restriction measures of some ISPs.

Note: if the option “Ignore unencrypted peers” is enabled Folx may be unconnectable in some swarms.


Folx Torrent Client Login

Folx Torrent Client

Here you can specify what Folx should do with the .torrent files associated with your tasks:

  • Store .torrents for current tasks in will keep the .torrent files of in-progress tasks in the specified directory.
  • On task completion move .torrents to will move the .torrents to the specified directory when their associated task is finished.
  • Automatically load .torrents from will tell Folx to watch the specified directory and automatically create a task as soon as a .torrent file appears in it.
  • Delete loaded .torrents will remove .torrents from your hard drive when they are added to Folx.

The Set as default option next to Open torrents with Folx lets you make Folx your default torrent client.


Every day thousands of people worldwide share programs, exchange game clients, transfer terabytes of music and video by using torrents. And they do it absolutely free in peer-to-peer networks.

A peer-to-peer (p2p) network is a structure where you download files not from a server, but from other users that have saved or are saving torrents just like you. So you take the parts of a file from different people and, in the end, get the entire file. Of course, it becomes possible with the help of special programs called torrent clients.

Folx is an excellent download manager and a torrent client for Mac that leads the top of similar apps and services. It easily finds and offers numerous results to your query, so all you need to do is select a required file and click Download.

Folx PRO is the best torrent manager that allows you to set the download speed, schedule downloads, integrate the downloaded content with iTunes, save login details for torrent websites, make tags and many more.

Folx freely works with torrent servers, i.e. trackers. What is a torrent tracker? It’s a web resource for torrents. Trackers don’t distribute files, but coordinate file distribution. Specifically, among other things they store torrents.

Folx Torrent Client

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