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Join Meetings Faster. Meeter is a 9to5Mac featured productivity app Was it hangouts or zoom? Personal or work calendar? Cut through the noise by simply connecting your calendar, and Meeter will automatically pull all your upcoming calls and let you manage them in one place. There is no way to use the app on macOS. If you have an Android phone, get this app, connect it to your computer, and use your phone as a webcam. After placing a video call on Google Hangouts. Shift is an app meant to help you streamline your conversations and workflows across various apps, without logging in and out all the time, from one app to another. Simply, choose your favorite communication, management, social, storage, and other types of apps (including Messenger, Google Drive, Trello, Asana, Facebook, WhatsApp, Gmail,.


Current Version: - Oxygen Orion (release notes)

  • Linux 64-bit
  • Mac OS X 64-bit
Hangouts Macos App
  • Windows 64-bit (Installer)
  • Windows 64-bit (Zip)
  • Mac OS X 64-bit
  • Linux 64-bit
  • Source Code (archive)
  • Source Code

There are also packages available for multiple Linux distributions. See the list on GitHub.


Be aware that some antiviruses and firewalls may flag the Monero executables and archives as malware. More info in the FAQ.



You are strongly advised to verify the hashes of the archive you downloaded. This will confirm that the files you downloaded perfectly match the files uploaded by the Monero development workgroup. Please don't underestimate this step, a corrupted archive could result in lost funds. Always verify your downloads!

Show hashes to verify your download

Hangouts Macos App Store

These SHA256 hashes are listed for convenience, but a GPG-signed list of the hashes is at getmonero.org/downloads/hashes.txt and should be treated as canonical, with the signature checked against the appropriate GPG key in the source code.

Two guides are available to guide you through the verification process: How to verify your Monero CLI/GUI software is safe on Windows (beginner) - How to use the command line to verify your Monero CLI/GUI software is safe (advanced).

Windows 64-bit (Installer)
Windows 64-bit (Zip)
Mac OS X 64-bit
Linux 64-bit
Source Code (archive)

Hangouts Macos App Store

Help and Support

A guide with an explanation of every section of the wallet is available: See latest release.

If you are experiencing issues or you need more info, feel free to reach out to the community. You can find the GUI team at #monero-gui, or else check out the Hangouts page for a more complete list of contacts and chatrooms.

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