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Using the AdBlock for Safari App. How to Install and Uninstall the AdBlock for Safari Mac App; Allowlisting, Pausing, and Disabling AdBlock for Safari. Download AdBlock for Safari for macOS 10.12.6 or later and enjoy it on your Mac. ‎AdBlock has been downloaded more than 250 million times and is used by more than 65 million people worldwide. Now, AdBlock has created a powerful ad blocker that’s available as a Mac app. AdBlock for Safari s a powerful and simple-to-use ad blocker. Check out my new video at How to install Free Adblock extension on Safari browser in Mac OS X Yosemite. Top Level Library on Hard Disk: /Library. Open the Finder, click on the Go from the Menu Bar, and select Go to Folder. Type the path of the top level Library on hard disk: /Library, and hit Enter key. Search for the items with the name of Adblock.

Safari extensions add functionality to Safari, so you can explore the web the way you want. Extensions can show helpful information about a webpage, display news headlines, help you use your favorite services, change the appearance of webpages, and much more. Extensions are a great way to personalize your browsing experience.

Use the App Store to conveniently download and install Safari extensions. All extensions in the App Store are reviewed, signed, and hosted by Apple for your security.

How to install extensions

Start by installing the latest macOS updates to make sure that Safari is up to date. You need Safari 12 or later to get Safari extensions from the App Store.

Find and install an extension:

  1. Open Safari and choose Safari > Safari Extensions from the menu bar.
  2. The App Store opens to the Safari Extensions page, as pictured above. To download and install an extension, click Get or click the price. You might be asked to sign in with your Apple ID.
  3. Click Install.
  4. After the extension is installed, click Open and follow the onscreen instructions provided by the extension.

Then return to Safari to turn on the extension you installed:

Install Adblock Safari Mac

  1. Choose Safari > Preferences.
  2. Click Extensions.
  3. Select the checkbox next to the extension's name.

All extensions installed from the App Store are automatically kept up to date.

How to turn off or uninstall extensions

Choose Safari > Preferences, then click Extensions.

  • To turn off an extension, deselect its checkbox.
  • To uninstall an extension, select the extension and click the Uninstall button. If you can't determine what an extension does, or you don't expect to use it again, you should uninstall it.

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Safari no longer supports most web plug-ins. To load webpages more quickly, save energy, and strengthen security, Safari is optimized for content that uses the HTML5 web standard, which doesn't require a plug-in. To enhance and customize your browsing experience, use Safari extensions instead of web plug-ins.

The web is full to the brim with adverts for all sorts of products and services, so what better piece of kit to invest in than a high functioning and reliable ad-blocker?

In this article, I've taken a look at the best ad-blockers for Safari. These apps make for a faster, safer, and better browsing experience.

What is the best ad-block for Safari?

Here's a quick look at the best ad-blockers for Safari. A more detailed analysis can be found further on in this article.

  1. AdLock - The best Adblocker for Safari that works excellent on iOS and macOS.
  2. AdGuard - Another great choice for blocking adverts on Safari, with a load of customization options.
  3. Wipr - A solid choice for Safari that's a breeze to set up and even simpler to use.
  4. AdBlock - A longstanding iOS ad-blocker ideal for use on mac products and beyond.
  5. 1Blocker X - A Safari ad-blocking app that will help you save on data.

Why are these the best ad-blockers for Safari?

If you have looked for an adblocker for safari before, then you will know that there are hundreds of services out there. We have chosen services with the following properties:

  • Great apps and browser extensions
  • Works on iOS and Mac
  • Secure services

Not all of services on the list have a free option, however, four of the five services on the list do.

An in-depth look at the best ad-blockers for Safari

Below we take a closer look at the best ad-block software for safari. If you still need more information about any of the services in this list, click through to the providers website.

Adlock is certainly one of the pricier ad-blockers around, but still a steal for what you're getting. For just $16 dollars a year, you'll have an ultra-reliable piece of kit that works extremely well with Safari. Adlock is available as both an iPhone app and a Mac app, blocking both adverts and the tracking that goes on when you visit websites. Adlock does not pander to the acceptable ads policy, meaning it blocks all adverts without compromise. Adlock seems to work on just about every site we try it on, from torrenting and streaming sites to social media, but you can whitelist sites you'd like to support financially.

Adlock can be installed on up to 5 devices at the same time, which means you can use it on any devices for which Safari is your default browsers. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can road-test their product and decide for yourself if it does what it says on the tin. Overall, it's easy to use and one of the best additions to your day-to-day browsing experience you could invest in.

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