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Creating a DataStax Enterprise container. Use the options described in this section to create DataStax Enterprise server containers. By default, the DSE server image runs in Cassandra-only mode. To run with advanced DSE functionality, add the option that enables any combination of search, analytics, and graph to the end of the docker run command. Running a Cassandra Application in Docker. Docker is the dominant container runtime used in enterprises today. In this module we will look at how to deploy a cloud-native application in Docker containers. While Docker is powerful, managing individual containers can be difficult at scale.

Docker Overview

You can run the cassandra docker container with following command. Docker run -network -name -d cassandra:3.11. As you can see, we are running a cassandra docker container with name as cassandra-node1 and it’s IP Address is You can check logs of this container with following command. Anything passed after docker image name it considers argument to the container entrypoint. Cassandra:3.11 -p 9042:9042 so actually docker pass -p 9042:9042 this as an argument to the entrypoint, you can very this by inspecting docker container.

Docker images combine an application and the environment necessary for it to run. Dockerfiles define how images are built. Images run in containers and containers communicate using Docker networks.

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Docker Images

Docker images are read only files that combine an application and the environment necessary for it to run. The environment includes the libraries, dependencies, tools, and files. Images are the templates from which Docker containers are instantiated. Images are typically stored in public or private repositories so they can be used to consistently create and recreate Docker containers. Use the build command from the Docker command line interface (CLI) to build an image from a Dockerfile.

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A Dockerfile is a text file that defines all of the steps necessary to create a docker image.

Most Dockerfiles begin by referencing a parent image. Typical parent images define core tools like nginx, openjdk or nodeJS. Using layering you can define a Dockerfile with a parent image that has another parent image.

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A Dockerfile may define the commands necessary to build an application, and the environment variables it needs to run. It may also download and install software and run the scripts necessary to build it.

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Docker Containers

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A Docker container is a virtual environment for running an application (packaged as Docker image) while isolating it from the host environment. Containers use operating system services directly from the host environment. Since they don’t contain a complete OS, containers are smaller than virtual machines and boot up very quickly.

Containers may make network endpoints available in the host network.

In a cloud-native application, components deployed in containers can be quickly instantiated or shut down to support elasticity.

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Docker Networks

Applications running in Docker containers need to communicate with other applications. These other applications may be running in Docker containers or directly on a host OS. Docker networking creates an OS-agnostic network framework for containers.

Docker networks allow containers to communicate with one another while remaining isolated from the host network.

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Install Cassandra Docker Chrome

Docker Compose

Docker Compose is a tool to manage applications consisting of multiple Docker containers. Users create a single docker-compose.yaml file to configure multiple containers, networking and more.

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