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Yum: name: docker-ce. Name: Install Docker. Shell: 'dnf install -nobest docker-ce'. A more clean solution It would be to declare both tasks and set a when conditional, in order to evaluate which version of the current OS it is running and, based on that execute the related task. Ansible Playbook that will configure Docker & dynamically update the inventory with newly created Docker Container IP. Command: 'yum install -y docker-ce -nobest. ℹ️ This repo contains questions and exercises on various technical topics, sometimes related to DevOps and SRE:). 📊 There are currently 1726 questions. 📚 To learn more about DevOps and SRE, check the resources in devops-resources repository.


we can’t talk server development without Docker recently. in here, it’s difficult to explain all details about Docker. we will introduce Docker by explain it little by little when we need. we will explain how to install Docker and Docker Compose on vagrant by Ansible Playbook in this blog post.

this blog is based on the assumption that you have done three blogs below.

set Docker in Ansible Playbook

below is the directory structure for vagrant virtual machine(guest system) we created until now.

we’ll define role about Docker installation and add Ansible Playbook in here. create docker/tasks/main.yml file in ansible folder.

modify playbook.yml that is Ansible Playbook’s start point like below.

add below codes to docker/tasks/main.yml we created.

let’s see Ansible commands one by one.


this command is to install Docker by using Docker install script.

this is to change user and permission of Docker.

this command is to install python docker module and Docker Compose

execute Ansible


Ansible Playbook Examples

execute below Ansible command in virtual machine(guest system) to execute Docker installation role we added in Ansible Playbook above.

Ansible Playbook Install Docker Windows

we executed Ansible Playbook because we already have virtual machine(guest system). if we make new environment, Ansible Playbook is automatically executed because we already added provision shell.

execute below vagrant command in local machine(host system) for testing.

check Docker is installed

Ansible Playbook Install Docker-ce

execute below commands to check Docker is installed well on virtual machine(guest system) by Ansible Playbook.


Ansible Playbook To Install Docker

we saw how to install Docker and Docker Compose by Ansible Playbook. now, we can make development environment via Docker. next blog post, we will introduce how to configure Laravel development environment by Docker and Docker Compose.

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