Install Docker Mint 19

$ sudo apt install apt-transport-https ca-certificates curl software-properties-common Add Docker GPG Key and Repository. We need to add Docker GPG key used for signing Docker packages and add Docker upstream repository to our Linux Mint 19. This is necessary step so we can install the latest stable release of Docker. Linux Mint 19 is a derivative of supported Ubuntu 18.04. If you wish to install nvidia-docker on it, you will need to register the ubuntu 18.04 repositories. How can I install Docker CE on Linux Mint 19?, How can I install Docker Compose on Linux Mint 19? This guide will answer above questions by showing you a step by step installation of Docker and Docker Compose on Linux Mint 19. Docker has been the defacto container engine since its arrival. Install Docker and Docker composer on Linux Mint 19. Tutorial: The steps here are performed on the Linux Mint 19 to install Docker engine, however, they will be the same for Ubuntu 19.04, 18.04 elementary OS and other Ubuntu-based Linux operating system.

Install Docker in Linux Mint 19.1


One of the first things I wanted to try on my fresh Linux Mint 19.1 install was Docker. This post captures the steps I’ve taken to get Docker CE (community edition) version installed on my Linux-based Dell XPS laptop.

Docker in Linux Mint

Since Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu, you shouldn’t have any issues getting Docker installed from the official repository of Docker.io. I have followed instructions from here: Docker Docs – Install Docker CE in Ubuntu.

I followed instruction pretty much word for word, except the part where you’re adding a new apt repository to your Linux Mint.

In the procedure fully documented below, I have changed this command:

to this:

Install Docker Mint 19

This is because Linux Mint has its own version names and they don’t match Ubuntu ones. But because I know that Linux Mint 19.1 is based on Ubuntu Bionic, I just made the replacement as shown above.

Install Docker CE in Linux Mint 19.1

Install Docker Linux Mint 19.2

Here are the full steps for the installation.

Installing Additional Packages

Add Ubuntu version of Docker Repository To Our System

Listing Docker Containers

There shouldn’t be any:

Checking Docker Version

Installing hello-world with Docker

Install Docker Mint 19.3

That’s it!

Linux Mint 19

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Install Docker Mint 19 Download

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