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The latest version of iOS and iPadOS is 15.0.1. Learn how to update the software on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The latest version of macOS is 11.6. Learn how to update the software on your Mac and how to allow important background updates. The latest version of tvOS is 15. Learn how to update the software on your Apple TV. The first release of the new OS — Mac OS X Server 1.0 — used a modified version of the Mac OS GUI, but all client versions starting with Mac OS X Developer Preview 3 used a new theme known as Aqua. Aqua was a substantial departure from the Mac OS 9 interface, which had evolved with little change from that of the original Macintosh operating. R 4.1.1 binary for macOS 10.13 ( High Sierra) and higher, Intel 64-bit build, signed and notarized package. Contains R 4.1.1 framework, R.app GUI 1.77 in 64-bit for Intel Macs, Tcl/Tk 8.6.6 X11 libraries and Texinfo 6.7. The latter two components are optional and can be ommitted when choosing 'custom install', they are only needed.

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macOS Big Sur updates improve the stability, performance, or compatibility of your Mac and are recommended for all macOS Big Sur users. After installing macOS Big Sur, choose System Preferences from the Apple menu , then click Software Update to check for the latest updates. You can also learn about the security content of these updates and what's new for enterprise.

macOS Big Sur 11.6

This update is recommended for all users and improves the security of macOS.

macOS Big Sur 11.5.2

macOS Big Sur 11.5.2 includes bug fixes for your Mac.

macOS Big Sur 11.5.1

macOS Big Sur 11.5.1 provides important security updates and is recommended for all users.

macOS Big Sur 11.5

macOS Big Sur 11.5 includes the following improvements for your Mac:

  • Podcasts Library tab allows you to choose to see all shows or only followed shows

This release also fixes the following issues:

  • Music may not update play count and last played date in your library
  • Smart cards may not work when logging into Mac computers with the M1 chip

macOS Big Sur 11.4

macOS Big Sur 11.4 adds Apple Podcasts subscriptions and channels and includes important bug fixes.


  • Apple Podcasts subscriptions are available for purchase via monthly and annual subscriptions
  • Channels group together collections of shows from podcast creators

This release also fixes the following issues:

  • Bookmarks in Safari may get reordered or moved into a folder that can appear hidden
  • Certain websites may not display correctly after your Mac wakes from sleep
  • Keywords may not be included when exporting a photo from the Photos app
  • Preview may become unresponsive when searching PDF documents
  • 16-inch MacBook may become unresponsive when playing Civilization VI

macOS Big Sur 11.3.1

macOS Big Sur 11.3.1 provides important security updates and is recommended for all users.

macOS Big Sur 11.3

macOS Big Sur 11.3adds support for AirTag, includes iPhone and iPad app improvements for Macs with M1, introduces separate skin tone variations for emoji with couples, and adds more diverse voice options for Siri.

AirTag and Find My

  • Support for AirTag to keep track of and find your important items like your keys, wallet, backpack, and more, privately and securely in the Find My app
  • The Find My network with hundreds of millions of devices can help you find your AirTag, even when it isn’t nearby
  • Lost Mode notifies you when your AirTag is found, and you can enter a phone number where you can be contacted

iPhone and iPad apps on Macs with M1

  • Option to change an iPhone and iPad app's window size
  • Support for displaying the highest resolution version of an iPhone or iPad app in full screen
  • Keyboard support for iPhone and iPad games designed to use device tilt
  • Keyboard, mouse, and trackpad support for iPhone and iPad games that support game controllers


  • Support for separate skin tones for each individual in all variations of the couple kissing emoji and couple with heart emoji
  • New face emojis, heart emojis, woman with a beard emoji


  • Siri now includes more diverse voice options

Apple Music

  • Autoplay keeps music playing by automatically playing a similar song, once you've reached the end of a song or playlist
  • City charts showcase what's popular in over 100 cities from all over the world


  • Podcasts Show Pages are redesigned to make it easier to start listening
  • Option to save and download episodes, automatically adding them to your Library for quick access
  • Download behavior and notification settings can be customized on a show-by-show basis
  • Top Charts and popular categories in Search help you discover new shows


  • Redesigned News+ feed enables Apple News+ subscribers to quickly find, download, and manage magazine and newspaper issues
  • All-new Search experience that helps you find relevant topics, channels, and stories


  • Start Page section order can now be customized
  • Additional WebExtensions API lets developers offer extensions that replace the new tab page
  • Web Speech API lets developers incorporate speech recognition into their webpages for real-time captioning, dictation, and voice navigation
  • WebM and Vorbis video and audio format support


  • Ability to sort Today Smart list
  • Support for syncing the order of reminders in lists across your devices
  • Option to print your reminder lists


  • Xbox Series X S Wireless Controller or Sony PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller support

Mac computers with the M1 chip

  • Hibernation support

About This Mac

  • About this Mac displays Apple warranty status and AppleCare+ coverage in the Service tab when signed in with Apple ID
  • Support for purchasing and enrolling in AppleCare+ for eligible Mac computers from About This Mac

This release also fixes the following issues:

  • Reminders created via Siri may be unintentionally set for early morning hours
  • iCloud Keychain might not turn off
  • AirPods audio routing to incorrect device for Automatic Switching
  • AirPods Automatic Switching notifications might be missing or duplicated
  • External 4K monitors may not display in full resolution when connected over USB-C
  • Login window may not display properly after restarting Mac mini (M1, 2020)
  • The Dwell feature may not work in the Accessibility Keyboard

Some features may not be available for all regions or on all Apple devices, and require an Apple ID.

macOS Big Sur 11.2.3

macOS Big Sur 11.2.3 provides important security updates and is recommended for all users.

macOS Big Sur 11.2.2


macOS Big Sur 11.2.2 prevents MacBook Pro (2019 or later) and MacBook Air (2020 or later) models from incurring damage when they are connected to certain third-party, non-compliant powered USB-C hubs and docks.

macOS Big Sur 11.2.1

macOS Big Sur 11.2.1 addresses an issue that may prevent the battery from charging in some 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pro models.

Some features may not be available for all regions, or on all Apple devices.

macOS Big Sur 11.2

macOS Big Sur 11.2 improves Bluetooth reliability and fixes the following issues:

  • External displays may show a black screen when connected to a Mac mini (M1, 2020) using an HDMI to DVI converter
  • Edits to Apple ProRAW photos in the Photos app may not save
  • iCloud Drive could turn off after disabling the iCloud Drive Desktop & Documents Folders option
  • System Preferences may not unlock when entering your administrator password
  • Globe key may not display the Emoji & Symbols pane when pressed

Some features may not be available for all regions, or on all Apple devices.

macOS Big Sur 11.1

macOS Big Sur 11.1 introduces support for AirPods Max, TV app enhancements, Apple News widgets, and privacy information on the App Store. This release also includes bug fixes for your Mac.
AirPods Max

  • Support for AirPods Max, new over-ear headphones
  • High fidelity audio for rich sound
  • Adaptive EQ adapts sound in real time to the personal fit of ear cushions
  • Active Noise Cancellation to block out environmental noise
  • Transparency mode to hear the environment around you

Apple TV

  • An all-new Apple TV+ tab makes it easy to discover and watch Apple Original shows and movies
  • Enhanced search so you can browse by category such as genre and see recent searches and suggestions as you type
  • Top search results shown with the most relevant matches across movies, TV shows, cast, channels, and sports

Apple News

  • Apple News widgets are now available in Notification Center

App Store

  • New privacy information section on App Store pages that includes a developer-reported summary of the app’s privacy practices
  • In-game dashboard within Arcade games recommends new Arcade games to play

iPhone and iPad apps on Macs with M1

  • New window options for iPhone and iPad apps let you switch between landscape and portrait orientations or expand a window to fill the entire screen


  • Apple ProRAW photos can be edited in the Photos app


Last Mac Os Update

  • Ecosia search engine option in Safari

Air Quality

  • Available in Maps and Siri for locations in China mainland
  • Health recommendations are provided in Siri for the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, India, and Mexico at certain air-quality levels
  • Data in Maps and Siri reflects updated national scales for Germany and Mexico

This release also addresses the following issues:

  • QuickTime Player might quit when opening a movie with a timecode track after upgrading from macOS Catalina
  • Bluetooth connection status was not displayed in Control Center
  • Reliability of unlocking your Mac automatically with your Apple Watch
  • Trackpad scrolling speed may be faster than expected on MacBook Pro models
  • LG UltraFine 5K Display may incorrectly display at 4K resolution on Macs with M1

Some features may not be available for all regions, or on all Apple devices.

macOS Big Sur 11.0.1


  • New design for apps makes it easier to focus on your content and take action with space efficient toolbars and full height sidebars
  • Updated menu bar features wider spacing and a new translucent material that becomes more vibrant when you interact with it
  • Refreshed system sounds include the boot chime and sounds for transferring files, moving items to the trash, locking files, and more

Control Center

  • Control Center puts your favorite menus and controls in one handy place in the menu bar so you can quickly adjust settings as you work
  • Additional controls appear when you click to expand Control Center menus
  • Support for pinning favorite menus from Control Center to the menu bar

Notification Center

  • Updated Notification Center brings notifications and widgets together in one view
  • Interactive notifications display additional information and actions when you expand them
  • Beautiful, new data-rich widgets for Calendar, Clock, Notes, Photos, Podcasts, Reminders, Screen Time, Stocks, and Weather
  • Edit view lets you to add new widgets and customize their size
  • Support for widgets from third-party apps


  • World’s fastest desktop browser with industry-leading performance and energy efficiency*
  • Customizable new start page lets you set a background image and decide what appears, including Reading List, iCloud Tabs, Privacy Report and more
  • Expanded extensions support and new dedicated category in the App Store for discovering new extensions
  • New tab design featuring favicons in tabs, and website previews that appear when you hover over a tab
  • Translation (beta) for English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Russian or Brazilian Portuguese [US-English and Canadian-English only]
  • Privacy Report gives you visibility into how Safari keeps your browsing your business, with an overview of trackers blocked by Intelligent Tracking Prevention
  • Safari password monitoring securely screens saved passwords for any that may have been involved in a data breach
  • Safari privacy prompts for extensions let you choose when a website can work with an extension


  • Pinned conversations keep up to nine of your favorite threads at the top of the list
  • Mentions let you direct a message to an individual in a group conversation
  • Inline replies let you reply to a specific message earlier in the conversation
  • Message effects for balloons, confetti, lasers and more
  • #images helps you find and add trending GIFs to messages
  • Memoji makes it simple to create a personalized character and send stickers that match your mood and personality


  • Guides offer recommendations for places to go and things to do, curated by a selection of trusted brands
  • Look Around to explore cities in a high-resolution, interactive 3D experience
  • Indoor maps for major airports and shopping centers
  • Cycling directions helps you find bike-friendly routes to your destination
  • Electric vehicle routing helps you plan trips for supported vehicles that you add on iPhone

Some features may not be available for all regions, or on all Apple devices.

* Performance will vary based on system configuration, network connection, and other factors.

Nearly a decade has has passed since the last run of PowerPC Macs hit Apple’s store shelves and provided us with one last hurrah on “thinking different” and being part of the trope of “crazy ones” who simply would not conform to the norm.

The Think Different campaign meant a lot to those who hold Apple near and dear and balked changing things just to fit in. The fact that Macs had run PowerPC processors versus Intel or AMD CPUs for so long kept a true point of difference and made Macs unique and unable to run Windows natively (emulation only).

As fate would have it though, just as unthinkable as it was for Steve Jobs to help bring improved versions of Microsoft Office to the Mac shortly after his return and accept an investment of $150 Million from the corporate giant out of Redmond (which many Mac die-hards despised for years), Macs would abandon PowerPC processors in favor of Intel.

No longer did it seem that Macs were “thinking different”. At the time it really felt as if Apple had conceded to be more or less like Windows machines, allowing Windows to run natively on the Mac due to the change in architecture.

PowerPC Goes Out with a Bang

The last gasp of notable Macs maintaining the PowerPC chips came around this time or were just discontinued at this time ten years ago, but are still among the favorites for Mac collectors (see key feature below each Mac that sets it apart).

1.42 GHz eMac G4 – discontinued 10/12/2005

Key Feature: Had a 64 MB Radeon 9600 (instead of the Radeon 9200 from the 2004 model), making it the only eMac with Core Image capabilities

17″ and 20″ iMac G5 iSight – introduced 10/12/2005

Key Feature: integrated iSight camera and Iinfrared (IR) receiver, making this the only PowerPC Mac with built-in iSight, hence the “iSight” moniker for this iMac

Power Mac G5 Quad – announced 10/19/2005 and shipped November 2005

Key Feature: Fastest PowerPC Mac ever made and the only PowerPC Mac made (aside from the Daystar Genesis clone) to ship with 4 cores.

Additionally, Apple made 2.0 GHz and 2.3 GHz Power Mac G5 Dual models for those who didn’t need quad-core power.

Hi-Res PowerBook G4 – shipped 10/19/2005

Last Macos Update

Oddly, but perhaps most importantly, the 1.67 GHz Hi-Res PowerBook G4 that shipped out 10/19/2005 – a mere three months before it would be discontinued in favor of the original 1.83 GHz Core Duo MacBook Pro: 15″ model – A1138 or M9969LL/A and its “big brother” counterpart 17″ model – A1139 or M9970LL/A

Key Feature: Only 15″ PowerBook G4 with combined 3.5mm Optical/Analog audio input/output jack (17″ had this feature on the 1.5 GHz in addition to 1.67 GHz).

Note: The 12″ PowerBook G4 1.5 GHz endured much longer than all the rest of the PowerPC line. It hung around until May 2006, stepping aside with the arrival of the polycarbonate white MacBook) due to the fact that no small form factor MacBook or MacBook Pro was released initially alongside the 15″ MacBook Pro in January 2006.

These Macs were the pinnacle of their lines and still can command a premium on eBay and other secondhand markets. I personally had the pleasure of owning a 15″ Hi-Res PowerBook G4 and still have a 12″ 1.5 GHz PowerBook G4 and 1.42 GHz eMac G4 in my collection. All of these Macs are still somewhat viable today as web browsers with TenFourFox, video editing stations with iMovie HD ’06, and could even be decent candidates for MorphOS (a third party operating system that is still currently developed for PowerPC Macs).

The Power Mac G5 Quad was more powerful than most “consumer” Intel Macs (Mac Minis, iMac, MacBooks) from 2006 through 2008, with an average Geekbench 2 score in the 3300 to 3600 range. During this time, only the Mac Pro was technically more powerful on paper, but even then (at least early on), many Mac OS X applications were optimized for PowerPC (and not Intel), giving the G5 Quad a significant advantage.

Tiger or Leopard?

Every single one of these aforementioned Macs that shipped in 2005 came with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger installation media and could utilize the 10.4.6 retail installation DVD. Tiger is generally considered the very best version of Mac OS X produced for the PowerPC. It was truly optimized for the PowerPC G4 and G5 in all aspects (even runs great on G3s) and is significantly smoother than Mac OS X 10.3 Panther on systems that support Tiger when provided with ample RAM.

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard arrived in 2007, and by that time Intel Macs had displaced all PowerPCs in retail and online outlets (save for clearance and refurbished), but a time of “crossover” existed and allowed both developers and Apple themselves a chance to ween us off of PowerPC gear and PowerPC applications. Apple shipped Leopard on a dual-layer DVD (a first); it was the first and last true “Universal Binary” operating system for PowerPC and Intel Macs.

Last Mac Os Update Download

Note: Although Tiger was also developed for Intel, only Leopard had installation assets for both Intel and PowerPC Macs on the same disc.

At this point, which OS should you run on these late model PowerPC Macs? The short and simple answer: both!

New Mac Software Update 2021


I could get into a multitude of reasons, but I will keep it down to the two biggest key features that don’t exist on both versions: Classic Mode exists in Tiger only, and Time Machine exists in Leopard only. You can partition your Mac to run both versions of Mac OS X or have multiple boot disks and then boot into Tiger when you want to take advantage of old OS 9 applications that run quite well in Classic Mode and then switch over to Leopard when you want to run a full Time Machine backup (including Tiger partitions/disks).

The key is RAM though – all of these Macs are more than capable of running Leopard and support at least 2 GB of RAM. Make sure you have a minimum of 1 GB of RAM to comfortably run Leopard, but anything more than that is better to allow you more breathing room for multitasking.

Collectible Today

These Macs are becoming sought after for the very reason that they were the pinnacle of their lines and still have limited viability due to the ability to run Leopard rather smoothly.

  • Hi-Res PowerBooks in excellent condition still command $200 to $500 eBay prices.
  • G5 Quads sell for as much (if not more) than a Mac Pro 1,1, even though a Mac Pro 1,1 can be heavily upgraded with 8 CPU cores and modern GPUs (blowing away a Quad) and can be tricked to run a modern build of OS X.
  • Even the eMac G4 1.42 GHz iMac G5 iSight can grab $100.
  • The 12″ PowerBook G4 is probably the biggest sleeper of them all. It’s still my favorite sub-compact Mac in the past decade and has more connectivity options than all subsequent subcompacts to this day.

If you can find one of these machines with original box, manuals, and accessories in excellent to mint condition, hang on tight. They will continue to appreciate and be more and more sought after by collectors. They are true low-end Macs!

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