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How to Make Adobe Acrobat Reader Available in Safari Open Safari Click on Safari in the menu bar at the top of the screen Click on preferences Click on Security tab at the top Make sure there is a check in the Internet plug-ins box Click on the Website Settings pull down menu across from the plug-ins check. Firefox downloads my PDF files straight to 'Downloads', Safari opens them 'in-page'. I need PDF files to save to a file, not to open. Is there a setting make Safari download PDF files instead of.

I am a writer who needs to take articles I have written from the web and convert them into a PDF, then upload them for a project. How to convert web page to PDF? -- From MacRumors Forums

Apart from the situation above, there are other conditions you need save webpage as PDF on Mac. On occasion, you may find yourself reading something particularly interesting, worthwhile, or useful on the web and want to share it quickly with a colleague or a friend. While many users may simply copying and pasting a web link into an email message, or manually copy and paste the content to word for later use. But, the contents of a page may change. Wouldn't it be nice if you could magically convert files into PDF on Mac? Here we’ll show you three methods to convert web pages into PDF on mac.

Why Save WebPage as PDF on Mac?

  • Easy sharing messages while email: By converting webpage to PDF, your recipients can easily open and read the message the way you want it to be.
  • For easily archive: bookmarking is one of the means to convert a webpage for future reference. However, you have to launch the browser, and wait until the page loads. So it's wise to get webarchive to PDF for storing webpage content offline.
  • For easy share and reading on any device: sharing a file in PDF format allows people to view the document regardless of different devices and platforms. And in many cases, the PDF output looks close to original page and you can easily read it on most devices like cellphone, iPad, e-book reader, etc.

How to Save WebPage as PDF on Mac?

Mac Download Pdf From Safari Mac

When it comes to how to save a webpage as PDF on mac,there are three methods of converting web pages to PDF files on Mac. All of them are very easy. Follow the steps below and you will master quickly.

Part 1. Using Safari, Chrome or Firefox to Save Webpage as PDF on Mac

Since PDF works as the standard file format, almost all browsers are built in a PDF reader to view or save webpage as PDF. Though there are lots of browsers available, most of our mac users either use Safari, Chrome or Firefox. Here we will list the tutorial in detail by using different browser.

Mac Download Pdf From Safari

#1 Save Webpage as PDF on Mac in Safari

Safari is the best browser comes with MacOS, it responds fast and is more energy-efficient. If you are using Safari on daily basis, you can save Webpage as PDF on mac in Safari.

  1. Open the webpage you want to save as PDF in Safari;
  2. Once the webpage is loaded completely, go to File>Export as PDF;
  3. Then rename the file in “Export As” filed and choose output folder in “Where” filed. And click “Save” to save webpage as PDF on mac.

Notes: You can also go to File>Print>Save as PDF, but this solution won’t preserve the text formatting, background image or others as good as that with the solution of“Export as PDF'.

#2 Save Webpage as PDF on Mac in Chrome

Google Chrome is another fast and secure web browser allowing users to view and print webpages as PDF.

  1. Open the webpage you want to save as PDF;
  2. Once the webpage is successfully loaded, go to File>Print;
  3. Then tweak the settings, such as Page, Layout, Paper size, and so on. Finally, click “Save” to print webpage as pdf on mac in Chrome;

Notes: You can also click the “Customize and Control Google Chrome” button (three horizontal bars in the upper right corner) to print webpage as PDF with Chrome. As you may find, when saving webpage as PDF in Chrome, the original webpage won’t highly retain original formatting, background, image, etc.

#3 Save Webpage as PDF on mac in Firefox


Also, there are still a great number of users using Firefox. The method to save webpage as PDF with Firefox is quite similar to the one using Chrome.

  1. Open the webpage that you want to save as PDF with Firefox;
  2. Once the webpage is ready, go to File>Print>Save as PDF. Then click “Save” to convert webpage to PDF on mac with Firefox;

Notes: As in my test, there emerge same issues as that of using Google Chrome: text formatting, background image and others are lost in the PDF output to some extent.

Part 2. Batch Save WebPage Resources(in HTML) as PDF on Mac for Website Building

You may have noticed that, all these browsers can convert only one webpage at a time. If you have been looking for a more simple way to batch save web pages resources, such as in HTML format, to PDF for website building, you can use a PDF Converter for Mac, with original file quality preserved.

Cisdem PDFMaster for mac is a dedicated PDF tool integrating a PDF Creator and a PDF Converter, allowing mac users to perform two-way conversion on PDFs. Also, it offers rich features to edit, compress, merge, split, encrypt and unlock PDF files with ease.

Main Features of PDFMaster:

  • Save Webpage HTML to PDF, also users can save Word, PowerPoint, Text, EPUB, RTFD, CHM, JPG, PNG, etc. as PDF.
  • Merge multiple webpage HTML to a PDF, and compress or protect the PDF output;
  • Convert PDF to Word and other 15 formats(HTML, ePub, Pages, Powerpoint, Keynotes, etc.)
  • Batch and fast conversion
  • Extended features: compress, edit, merge, split, encrypt and decrypt PDF files

Steps to Convert Webpage HTML to PDF on Mac

Mac Download Pdf From Safari Free

  1. Download and install Cisdem PDFMaster to your Mac.
  2. Go to PDF Create function.
  3. Prepare for 'Convert Webpage to PDF on Mac'.
    Select page range, output name, also turn the 'Merge' feature ON if you want to merge all these Webpage HTML files into one PDF. If needed, you can add password, adjust PDF size and quality by clicking the 'Settings' button.
  4. Click 'Create' to save Webpage as PDF on mac.
    Even you convert Webpage HTML to PDF in batch, the conversion process will finish within seconds.

Part 3. Using Online Service to Save WebPage as PDF on Mac

This is probably the simplest option. You can just enter URL of the webpage to get a free WebPage to PDF conversion.

  1. Head to web2pdfconvert and enter the URL of the website you want to convert to PDF.
  2. Click 'Convert to PDF'.
  3. You will be informed of the successful conversion within seconds, download it or save it to your Google Account.


  • Wait patiently when uploading large size web page for conversion, it processes slower.
  • Formatting, layout or images may be lost.


It is true that each workaround is capable to provide convenience to save webpage as PDF on mac. But the most efficient way, as according to most users, are using a dedicated tool to do the work. And that't the reason why more and more users finally pick PDFMaster as the best solution to save webpage HTML as PDF on mac.

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