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I have tried 'SMCfanControl' and 'Fan Control for Mac' but they are way to complicated, all i want is a simple app to set the speed of my HDD fan too about 1600rpm, and it will keep it at that when ever i boot up mac etc. Until i tell it to stop. In the Macs Fan Control window, you’ll see the min RPM, current RPM, and max RPM. You can also see see the control status for your fans; it will show “auto” by default. Right-clicking on one of your fans will let you change the control; you can choose between automatic (controlled by system), constant RPM value (set by you), or sensor. Apr 15, 2021 If you have any problems downloading the app. Macs Fan Control Version: 1.5.9 Updated: April 15, 2021 Download for Windows (9.0 MB) Download for macOS (20.7 MB). Apr 15, 2021 Download the Macs Fan application. Look in your Downloads folder with Finder and locate the Zip file. Double click on the Zip file and extract the app. Drag the Mac Fans Control app to the folder of your choice, such as applications. The app is now installed, and you can run it by clicking on the icon. And Macs Fan Control is not lauched. When boot is fully completed (Boot Camp icon present in system tray and services lauched), manual lauch of Macs Fan Control is successfull. I therefore wrote a script in the windows startup folder to delay by 20s the lauch of Macs Fan Control which worked well.

Unobtrusive status bar menu app that can help you monitor and adjust your computer's fans speed in relation to the temperature registered by your sensors

What's new in Macs Fan Control 1.5.9:

  • New:
  • Added full support for Apple Silicon Macs (MacBook Air/Pro and new Mac mini) #435
  • Main download is now a Universal binary for macOS 10.13 and higher with Big Sur and Apple Silicon support. Macs Fan Control for macOS 10.12 (and below) is now a separate download
  • Improved:
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Your Mac comes with various temperature sensors attached to your CPU or your HDD: when certain values are met, the computer adjusts the speed of the built in fans to make sure the components will not overheat.

Although your Mac is built to take care of these adjustments on its own, you might discover that things do not run very smoothly if you are using third party HDDs or SSDs.

Visualize sensor readings in your status bar

Macs Fan Control is a small Mac app that allows you to visualize the sensor readings on your own, and adjust the fans speed accordingly. Keep in mind that these adjustments have a serious impact on your system and that the app is intended for advanced users only.

Mac fan control downloadApp

When launched, Macs Fan Control will automatically identify all the fans available and display the readings for the temperature sensors. Via the app’s preferences window, you can choose to see the reading for a specific fan and sensor in your status bar.

Mac fan control app

The same area allows you to change the status bar icon or disable it altogether, to switch between the Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature scales, to change the interface language, and more.

Manually control the fans speed

Through the Macs Fan Control status bar menu you can launch the app’s main window where you can view details about the sensor readings and adjust the fans speed. By default, the fans are controlled automatically, by the system.

Double click on a certain fan, and you will be able to set up a constant RPM value, or have the system automatically increase the speed in relation to the readings of a specific temperature sensor: you can select which one via a simple drop down menu. At the same time, you must specify the start and the maximum temperature.

Straightforward solution for controlling the speed of your Mac’s fans

Macs Fan Control provides an user friendly interface for visualizing the data gathered by your temperature sensors, while allowing you to adjust the fans’s speed manually or according to certain rules.

However, note that the app has been developed for advanced users (you can overheat the system if your adjustments are not correct) and that you need the administrator password to be able to change the fans speed.

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Mac Fan Control App

  • Pro version includes custom fan presets

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Macs Fan Control 1.5.9

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