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The Mac mini 2012 is already the oldest Mac mini model that can run Mojave. As such in terms of Mac mini models it is at greatest risk is loosing support when 10.15 is launched.

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Mac mini models are organized by the year they were introduced, starting with the most recent. Click the model name for detailed technical specifications. Mac mini models from 2014 and newer can run the latest version of macOS. For older models, the latest compatible operating system is noted. Mac mini introduced in 2014 or later iMac introduced in 2014 or later iMac Pro Mac Pro introduced in 2013 or later View the complete list of compatible computers. If upgrading from macOS Sierra or later, your Mac needs 35.5GB of available storage to upgrade. If upgrading from an earlier release, your Mac needs up to 44.5GB of available storage. This now gives both the ‘new’ version number and, on Macs running High Sierra and later, that returned by eficheck too. Alternatively, use the About This Mac command at the top of the Apple menu, and click on the System Report button. In the Hardware Overview listing, this is given as the Boot ROM Version, and typically now looks like.

As you mention we cannot give definitive answers as to what Apple will do - only Apple could and they won't until 10.15 enters testing. However in 2019 which is when 10.15 is likely to be launched a Mac mini 2012 will be seven years old as such it may well be dropped from support by Apple. At this point and not being privy to Apple's plans I cannot see any obvious major technical changes e.g. lack of Metal support by a video chip that would cause support to be dropped but performance will obviously continue to fall behind newer models. The most obvious technical change is the adoption of the T2 chip but this is so new that there is no way this itself should cause older models to be dropped as of yet.


Mac Mini Latest Os Version 2020

There is a possibility you could run 10.15 in a virtual machine in Parallels or VMware Fusion even on your 2012 model. Obviously performance will be even worse but that might let you stagger on a bit longer.

Mac Mini Latest Os Version For Windows 10

Dec 14, 2018 5:54 AM

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