Macbook App Store Not Downloading

I downloaded that multi-pack ts2 from the app store on my macbook. Is there a way to add on other expansion packs if they arent in the app store? Do I have to use oracle? Will the games connect if I have one from app store / one from a cd or online download? There was an issue with the Mac App Store overnight that caused these types of non-responsive problems. Here’s what Apple reports: App Store – Resolved Issue Yesterday, 5:00 PM – 9:12 PM Some users were affected Users may have experienced a problem with this service. The App Store should be fine today, so try again. Then, follow these steps to solve your App Store download problems: Go to Spotlight and type in Terminal. Type in the following command: defaults write com.apple. Appstore ShowDebugMenu -boot true; killall AppStore; exit. Open App Store and sign out of it by going to Store Sign Out. Then go to Debug Menu.

I have disabled restrictions, allow to download apps, but anytime I click 'Get' on a free app(game) it says install, then I enter Apple ID password and the circle spins like it's downloading and then turns right back into a GET button. The app never downloads and is an endless circle every time I try to click GET

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- disabling restrictions

- restarting device and app store

- allow downloads

- allow apps / in app purchases

ipad 2, 2013 is up to date with latest iOS 8.3


iPad 2, iOS 8.3

Posted on Jun 24, 2015 7:13 PM

Mac App Store Not Downloading

I had the same problem and just thought I'd share my findings (as it took me ages to find the answer).

  1. Sign out of App Store.
  2. Sign out of iTunes.
  3. Sign into the App Store.
  4. Sign into iTunes.
  5. Accept the iTunes Terms.
  6. Close both App Store and iTunes.
  7. Open Terminal
  8. Run the following command: sudo find /private/var/folders -type d -name com.apple.appstore -exec rm -rf {} ;
  9. Input password when prompted.
  10. Run this command to reboot your mac: sudo reboot
  11. After reboot open App Store and try to purchase a app.

That fixed the issue for me, I hope it does the same for you :-)

Mac Apple Store Not Downloading

Mar 27, 2018 1:46 PM

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