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Mindnode should be a go-to mind mapping tool for Mac users. The tool is one of the easiest to operate in the Mac system line because of its features like “Quick Entry” and “Outline View.” Mindnode also has a “Focus Mode” that provides a spotlight to important ideas while working extensively. MindNode is one of the first mind mapping apps for Mac and iOS, and this version 5 is a huge update: a streamlined, more intuitive user interface, and the drag and drop support. There’s a lot more to this update as it has been rethought all the way and now may boast on being the leading mind-mapping application for Mac and IOS. MindNode for Mac can now be your outlining tool as well as your mind mapping tool. Popular mind mapping tool MindNode has a big new update out today, with version 2021.1 now available for download. The updated app has a few improvements this time out, but the biggest is a newly redesigned outlining tool that now includes support for editing. The MindNode 5 for Mac is a powerful mind mapping software that enables users to connect their thoughts and clarify the ideas with its unique set of mapping tools. MindNode 5 for Mac Review MindNode 5 for Mac is the most useful mind mapping program that can be used for organizing the visual information.

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MindNode for Mac

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Platform, operating system:Apple macOS / Mac OS X

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MindNode for Mac

Developer / company:IdeasOnCanvas

MindNode is an elegant and simple-to-use mindmapping application for collecting, organizing and outlining your thoughts and ideas as mind maps.

Mindnode Mac

Mind maps can be used for many different tasks – including to-do lists, brainstorming, holiday planning, research, writing, project management - and in many different environments – school, meetings, workspace.


Node Well
New nodes are created directly on the canvas. There is no need to access the toolbar or the application menu.

Image and Visual File Links
MindNode Pro features the ability to add images to topics and preview the content of a linked file directly on the canvas using QuickLook technology.

Cross Connections
Cross Connections are secondary connections and unrelated to normal branches. They allow to visualize a relationship between any two nodes on the mind map, which are otherwise unrelated.

Folding allows you to hide subbranches to help you focus on other aspects of the mind map.

Import and export documents directly from MindNode (touch).

Multiple Mind Maps
The ability to create multiple mind maps on one canvas makes MindNode Pro an ideal tool for brainstorming sessions.

Constrain node width and resize nodes
MindNode allows to automatically constrain the width of a node and to resize the node directly on the canvas.

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