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Jul 09, 2021 There is also a Notion Mac app, as well as mobile versions for Android and iPhone. System Requirements. Windows: Windows 10, 8 or 7 and 80 MB free hard disk space. MacOS: At least macOS 10.13 and 160 MB disk space. Android: Android 7.0 or later and 35 MB disk space. IOS: iOS 13.0 or later and a little more than 40 MB free disk space. For those that don't know, Notion is built with something called Electron, electron is essentially rather than coding an entire app with whatever features each operating system needs, so Windows needs C, macOS needs Swift or Objective C, and android needs Java or Kotlin, they just make a website application, and then package a bit of the. Whether you're using your Mac, iPad, iPhone or even your Apple Watch, Airmail can be wherever you need. Notion Labs Inc – the organization behind the Notion app – was founded in 2016 in San Francisco. However, the first Notion app for Android didn’t release until June 2018.

Custom styles for Notion. I recently helped someone with strong aesthetic preferences set up a custom Mac app for Notion.It’s approximately the same thing you could get with a browser extension like Stylus, but it retains the convenient Electron app parts of getting its own app icon and its own separate cookie storage. Notion is a great tool that is simple enough to use, but true mastery of the app can make for some stunning frameworks. If you want to invest in a high-end task management app for Mac, Things.

You can use Notion on your Mac in two fully-functional forms: in your browser or as a downloadable desktop application. Here's what you need to know.
  • To use Notion in your browser, go to www.notion.so and click Log In at the top right corner.
  • Log in using your email address.
  • Here's how Notion looks on Safari:
  • To get the desktop app, go to www.notion.so/desktop and click Download for Mac.
  • Open your Finder and go to Downloads.
  • Open the .dmg file and drag Notion into your Applications folder.
  • Open the Notion app and log in using your email.

Why use the desktop app?

  • Notion's desktop app is a clean, distraction-free interface without all the temptation of tabs.
  • You'll receive push notifications when something important happens inside Notion – i.e. someone mentions you, assigns you a task, or you set a reminder for yourself.
  • You can use the desktop app to edit pages offline.
  • Here's how the desktop app looks while you're editing:

Notion Mac App M1

Notion App For Macbook

Update your desktop app

Notion updates automatically! We push updates on a regular basis with bug fixes and performance improvements, and you'll see a blue banner at the top of your screen every few weeks when we ship new features ⛵️
  • Click the ? at the bottom right of Notion to see the last time the software updated.
  • If there are new features that you can't see yet, try refreshing with cmd/ctrl + r.
  • Very rarely, you may need to re-install Notion to see an update. We'll let you know when that's the case and tell you exactly what to do.

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  • Notion Mac App Vs Browser
    • cmd/ctrl + r.

Notion App For Macbook Pro

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