Open Edx Docker Installation

The Docker image. The Open edX Course. There is an Open edX course from which the labs are launched. Although Open edX is not a requirement, embedding the labs inside a course provides a framework in which we can deliver contextual material around the labs. We can use Open edX to build out a self-paced course, or simply to provide.

Docker install; Docker compose install; Note that the production web server container will bind to port 80, so if you already have a web server running (Apache or Nginx, for instance), you should stop it. You should be able to run Open edX on any platform that supports Docker and Python, including Mac OS and Windows. Installation with YaST2. To install the docker and docker-compose packages start YaST2, select 'Software' and start the module 'Software Management'. Search for docker and choose to install the Packages 'docker' and 'python3-docker-compose'. (Even though the package is called 'python3-docker-compose', it installs 'docker-compose' binary).

Deploying a robust, scalable Open edX platform in 1 click

(or less)

with Tutor

Régis Behmo @regisb

Open edX Conference, San Diego, March 28 2019

Slides: https://regisb.github.io/openedx2019

What's Tutor?

A docker-based Open edX distribution designed for simplicity and maintainability

Same source code

Different deployment scripts

Packaged in Docker containers

Open Edx Docker Installation Free

For production and local development

  1. Download tutor binary
  2. tutor local quickstart
  3. Wait 10 minutes

No root access required

No requirement

All files and data in a single tutor folder

No Ansible playbook

So what?

Myth #1 Open edX is hard to install

Open Edx Docker InstallationEdx
  1. Install tutor
  2. tutor local quickstart

Myth #2 Open edX is hard to upgrade

  1. Upgrade tutor
  2. tutor local quickstart --pullimages


  • 🍾 Ironwood!
  • Theming
  • Custom xblocks
  • Extra locales
  • Web user interface
  • Android application
  • Multiple platforms per server
  • Kubernetes (beta)
  • ...

Upcoming features

  • Multi-server deployments
  • 3rd-party plugins (themes, xblocks, apps...)




Free edition Commercial LTS edition
  • Open source (AGPL)
  • All features included
  • 1-click AWS AMI, no SSH required
  • Offline studio for course design
  • sudo apt-get install openedx

Open Edx Docker Installation Software

💪 Want to support Tutor development?


Launch an AWS instance with the Tutor AMI today



Open Edx Docker Installation Guide

  • 💪 Support: https://overhang.io/tutor/support
  • Documentation: https://docs.tutor.overhang.io
  • Source code: https://github.com/regisb/tutor
  • Community: https://discuss.overhang.io
  • 🏄 Cool blog post: Google 'lawrence macdaniel tutor'
  • These slides: https://regisb.github.io/openedx2019

CLI cheatsheet

Open Edx Docker Installation Download

  • tutor local quickstart launch Open edX from scratch
  • tutor config save (re)configure your platform
  • tutor images build all build docker images locally
  • tutor k8s quickstart deploy on Kubernetes
  • tutor webui start launch a cool web user interface

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