Osx High Sierra Bootable Usb

Because since El Capitan the disk utility of macOS was different, if you running El Capitan and want to create bootable U SB for macOS Sierra you can use Yosemite Disk utility for El Capitan just google it! This method also works to creating USB installer for El Capitan, Yosemite and Maverick, and the other previous version of Mac OS X as well.

DiskMaker X is an application built with AppleScript that you can use with many versions of OS X to build a bootable drive from macOS installer program (the one you download from the Mac App Store). As soon as you launch the application, it tries to find the macOS Install program with Spotlight.

Osx High Sierra Bootable Usb
  1. Select and Open High Sierra DMG. Wait for a little bit for the process to write the DMG file to USB drive. Restoring image to Disk. After the process ends, your bootable USB for macOS High Sierra is ready. The process was simple and quick. Now you can install High Sierra typically as you’d do.
  2. Sep 14, 2020 Once your bootable USB installation media is ready, remove it and insert it into your Mac, power it on, holding down the Option key, and select the USB you just created to reinstall Mac OS X. If you’re having issues trying to create a bootable media, you can get a USB flash drive that comes with Mac OSX ready to install.

Then, it proposes to build a bootable install disk and make it look as nice as possible. It’s the easiest way to build an macOS Installer in a few clicks !

You can use the Install drive to fully re-install the OS on a freshly formated drive, or install it on your many Macs without re-downloading the full installer.

Jump over the break to learn how to use DiskMaker X…

High Sierra Download

1. Get an an empty flash drive with at least 8GB of storage

Osx High Sierra Bootable Usb Installer

2. Download High macOS Sierra from the Mac App Store

3. Download DiskMaker X

4. Double-click on the .dmg file to open it and drag-and-drop the DiskMaker X app into the Applications folder

Create bootable osx high sierra usb

5. Now, the app will search for a copy of macOS High Sierra. Once it found your Sierra copy, it will ask you if you want to use the copy that it found or you want to use another copy. If you downloaded it from the app store ( step 2 ), choose ‘Use this copy’

Osx High Sierra Bootable Usb

6. The app will ask you about your thumb drive, and it will tell you that will be completely erased before copying macOS High Sierra onto it…

7. Now the app will format your flash drive and ask you for your admin password. Once you enter your admin password, DiskMaker X will start copying the necessary High Sierra files onto your flash drive.

NOTE: this process will take a while. You will be notified with each 10% completion via the macOS notification system. Be patient….

8. When you’re done, the app will tell you that the boot disk is ready, you’ll see that your flash drive has been renamed as macOS 10.13 Install Disk and it will be opened. Now all you have to do is restart your Mac and and after you here the chime sound, press the Option ( Alt ) key until you see the option to choose the flash drive to boot from.

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