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Download SyncMate app for Android. SyncMate: Sync your Mac with Android. 8/10 (8 votes) - Download SyncMate Mac Free. SyncMate is a tool designed to be able to synchronize all kinds of data between devices. Download SyncMate for free to access all your data on your devices. Each day it is more common to have many different devices and user accounts for various online. Syncmate For Android. Download SyncMate for Mac free. Sync Mac & Android, iOS, cloud storages, Windows services, MTP & mounted devices. Folx Use it as a download manager and torrent client for your Mac SyncMate Synchronize data on your Mac with any device or online account Commander One Dual-panel file manager for Mac, Android, iOS and the best.

Part 1. SyncMate Review - What Is SyncMate for Mac

SyncMate is a popular and all-featured sync service which allows Mac users to sync various data between Mac and multiple devices or online accounts. It allows you to sync data from Android and iOS devices, Windows services like Outlook and Office 365 Business, other Mac, Google, Dropbox and iCloud accounts to Mac.


Syncmate Free

SyncMate can work as a great Android file transfer to copy data between macOS and Android devices. It offers its own type of sync service to sync files between Mac and other devices. SyncMate allows you to manage and transfer many frequently-used files including photos, messages, calls, music, calendar, reminders, contacts, Safari bookmarks, folders and some iTunes data.

SyncMate is designed with a Backup feature to keep various data like contacts, calendars, reminders or Safari bookmarks safe. It will automatically create a secure time-stamped backup each time you sync. When you lose some valuable data, you can restore to a previous version.

SyncMate provides a free version to have a trial of some basic features. But you should know that, most files can’t be transferred with this free version. You are only allowed to sync contacts and calendar. You have to upgrade to an Export version to get full features. The SyncMate Expert gives an AutoSync function that lets you set various parameters before the data syncing. The paid version of SyncMate costs start from $39.95.

How to use SyncMate to sync data between Mac and Android

Syncmate Alternative Mac Free

As it mentioned above, SyncMate can help you seamlessly sync data from your Android/iOS device, iCloud, Google account and more to Mac. This part will show you how to use SyncMate. Here we taking syncing Android data to Mac as an example.

First, you need to go to SyncMate official site and download it on your Mac.
When you get to the SyncMate main window, click Add new on the left under Connections.
Click Android Device and then select a suitable connection option. You can connect devices through USB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth as you like. After that, you need to install the SyncMate For Android app on your Android device. Here you’d better connect your Android phone to Mac with a UBS cable.

Syncmate Free Edition Mac

After connecting successfully, you can select the specific data types you want to sync. Note that, you are only allowed to transfer calls and calendar if you are using the free version. Then click Done to confirm your operation.
Syncmate free download mac

Syncmate Free Edition

Now the sync process will start immediately. When the process is finished, you can check if your Android files are synced to Mac.

Syncmate Free Mac

SyncMate offers you a free version to use. You can have a free trial and then decide if you want to purchase the Expert version. Through our tests, the SyncMate connecting fails too many times. What’s worse, not all Android files are synced to Mac.

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