This Copy Of The Install Macos Sierra Is Damaged


Today I was trying to reinstall an older Mac Mini and installation keep failing with error: “This copy of the Install macOS Sierra.app application is damaged, and can’t be used to install macOS.”

I have tried Yosemite, High Sierra beta (the latest one b6) but still the same error happened so I started wondering why it would fail. One look in the terminal on date and time showed that Mini thought it’s 2001 so package couldn’t be verified and thus installed as verification failed.

So I run following command to set today’s date and time:

This Copy Of The Install Macos Sierra Is Damaged

This copy of Mac Os high sierra is damaged. Cannot be used to install mac os hi so I am trying to install mac os high sierra on my 2012 macbook pro. It doesn't have any os on it (has a 250gb ssd). This video will show you how to Fix This Copy of the Install MacOS Application is Damaged error when installing MacOS. And it will also fix the error OS X Co. Before the launch of macOS Sierra in 2016, you could simply turn on an option to allow apps from ‘anywhere’ and run apps by unidentified developers. With the launch of Apple Silicon and Big Sur, macOS has made it even harder to run a third-party app. “Well, it’s my device.

This Copy Of The Install Macos Sierra Is Damaged

I am trying to download and install the High Sierra Public Beta. My Mac is running 10.12.5. I'm registered in the Public Beta Test program. I have downloaded the app Install macOS High Sierra Beta.

date 0818134217

After the date and time were updated to today’s date and installation went on without any problems.

Here is how to use date command:

How to fix this copy of the install macos mojave application is damaged

Can't Install Macos Sierra

date — display or set date and time

date [-jnu] [[[mm]dd]HH]MM[[cc]yy][.ss]

So in my case it was:

  • 08 – month
  • 18 – day
  • 13 – hour
  • 42 – minutes
  • 17 – year

This Copy Of The Install Macos Sierra Is Damaged Using

This might save you some time.

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